Senior Veterinary Care

Your pet’s health care needs change as he or she ages. Pets age faster than people and your pet reaches his or her “senior years” by the age of 7 (in the case of some breeds). When it comes to older pets, prevention and early detection of problems are the keys to successful management. Often, symptoms of disease or chronic conditions may be misinterpreted as signs of “old age”. Regular wellness exams (at least once a year, though more frequent exams are encouraged), routine blood tests and diagnostic procedures can keep your senior pet healthy for years to come.

You are your older pet’s most important ally when it comes to health care. As your pet ages, he or she may develop diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and other chronic conditions. Watch for changes in your pet’s health and behavior. If you notice any sudden changes, we urge you to schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. Together, we can develop a health care plan that best fits the needs of your older pet. We understand the life-long bond you share with your faithful companion, and it is our goal to strengthen and preserve that bond.

As pets live longer, we see more cases of cancer. Clinton Animal Care Center works closely with local oncology specialists to provide the best cancer care for your pets.

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