Veterinary dental cleanings are far more involved than the same procedure you undergo at the dentist. Before the procedure begins, we perform a cardiac assessment of your pet and offer preoperative blood tests. The exam and tests are used to detect any pre-existing conditions that could complicate the use of anesthesia. We develop an anesthetic protocol that is unique to your pet; once anesthesia is administered, the cleaning procedure begins.

The first step in the cleaning, performed by a trained veterinary technician or seasoned assistant, is the removal of plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth. The area above the gumline is cleaned first using a hand scaler. Next, the area under the gumline is cleaned. Then the teeth are polished, in order to create a smooth surface on the teeth – this prevents plaque and tartar attachment. The area under the gumline is then thoroughly rinsed, in order to remove any debris left behind by the cleaning and polishing process.

The second step in cleaning is an oral assessment by a veterinarian using a probe. fractured teeth, subgingival pockting, loose teeth, malalignments and gingival growths/tumor assessment are performed during this part of the procedure as well. The third phase involves extractions, antibiotic gel application, and tissue removal (when indicated).

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